Resilient Africa is a property development and investment company established by Resilient REIT Limited, a well-established Retail Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) in South Africa, in partnership with Shoprite Holdings Limited, a dominant food retailer throughout Africa. The aim is to develop quality shopping malls in selected dominant metropolitan areas throughout Nigeria.

Having developed, and owning dominant decentralised malls throughout South Africa since 2002, Resilient REIT Limited utilises its experience and expertise to offer consumers a broad range of products, services and entertainment in a modern retail environment – combining well-established South African retail brands with established Nigerian and local city retailers.

Resilient Africa has entered into strategic joint ventures with private and state land owners, sharing expertise to ensure a vibrant retail development sector is established for the benefit of Nigeria as a whole.

Resilient has been listed on the Johannesburg stock exchange since December 2002. It owns a portfolio of South African dominant regional malls and shopping centres tenanted predominantly by national retailers. Most of Resilient’s properties are situated in non-metropolitan areas.

Resilient Africa is internally asset managed with property management being outsourced to independent property management companies.


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