Delta Mall, being the first regional-scale shopping centre to be constructed in Warri (Delta State), represents an ambitious vision of advancement and investment confidence in an area rich with opportunity. The goal is to deliver a standard of shopping, and family-orientated activities, never before experienced in the region.


The mall is ideally located, with central connections to major transport routes, focused on allowing pedestrian access to the main entrances, as well as providing ample parking and vehicle safety. Delta State, or Delta, is an oil-rich and agricultural producing state of Nigeria, located in the region known as the South-South geo-political zone, with a population of 4,098,291. Boasting huge crude oil deposits, Delta is one of the largest producers of petroleum products in Nigeria. Delta State is ethnically diverse, with seven major languages and dialects spoken, and has one of the highest number of tertiary institutions in any Nigerian state – a product of the people’s thirst for knowledge. Delta has a total land area of 16,842 km², while its capital city Asaba, located at the northern end of the state, covers an area of 762 km². Warri, the economic nerve centre and most populated city in Delta, is located in the Southern End of the State.


Care in design detail is noticeable at every turn, from vibrant floor and wall finishes to impressive ceilings which create a variety of enticing volumes within the mall. Natural lighting is introduced in key areas to ensure a holistic shopping experience, while at the same time reducing the mall’s energy footprint. Apart from efficient lighting, water and waste systems, the mall is also equipped with a complete back-up power system to ensure the consumer’s shopping experience is never interrupted.

The architectural expressions of the structures and facades have been carefully considered to provide maximum exposure towards key routes of approach for retail branding, while at the same time keeping the building in scale with the local area and clearly defining the entrances. Vibrant forms, colours, branding and the use of key elements give the mall a unique identity and sense of place within the surrounding context. A vibrant mix of retail stores, coupled with restaurants and takeaway food outlets are complemented by a focus on family fun. The mall boasts its own cinema and a selection of entertainment options, all of which will operate with extended trading hours in conjunction with the food court to offer an enhanced retail experience in a safe environment.

The unique layout draws shoppers from one end of the building to the other in search of major retail outlets located at either end, with a centrally-located anchor tenant and a wide range of specialist stores and brands positioned throughout. The focal point of the journey is undoubtedly the striking volume and form of the central food court, which boasts a first floor level from which visitors can enjoy an elevated perspective of both the inside of the mall and the surrounding area from the large covered balcony.

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